This third annual festival of solo performance, featuring more than 30 pieces, runs through 10/10 at the Athenaeum Theatre, third-floor studio, 2936 N. Southport. Tickets are $15 per show; “all access” passes cost $90. Tickets can be purchased through Ticketmaster by calling 312-902-1500 or logging on to; single-show tickets are also available at the door. For more information call 312-371-4476 or see

Following is the schedule through 10/7; a complete schedule is available online at


We’ve Come Undone and Freedom of Speech

Six monologues convey the stories of Arab and South Asian women in Kayhan Irani’s We’ve Come Undone. Eliza Jane Schneider explores the “real social emergencies facing America as a nation” in Freedom of Speech, a 25-character solo play. 7:30 PM


Faker and Freedom of Speech

Karen Weinberg comments on Hollywood-imposed standards of beauty in Faker. See listing for Thu 9/30 for Freedom of Speech. 7:30 PM

We’ve Come Undone

See listing for Thu 9/30. 9:30 PM


We’ve Come Undone

See listing for Thu 9/30. 5 PM

Freedom of Speech

See listing for Thu 9/30. 7:30 PM

Mutual Sublimation

Katie Rich discusses her family and friends with her therapist. 9:30 PM


Ball and Inoperable

Ball is a “one-man traumedy” in which Brian Lobel discusses life as a testicular cancer patient. Don Regal keeps the mood alive with Inoperable, “one man’s final search to find a quick fix to his problematic life.” 2 PM

Made of Honor

Solo show by Erin Markey. 5 PM


Girl in Argentine Landscape and Conversion (Delusion Solo)

Naomi Grossman’s Girl in Argentine Landscape is “the story of one girl’s transformation from ‘big dork’ to ‘bad ass.'” Nathalie Broizat’s Conversion (Delusion Solo) is a performance piece about delusion. 7:30 PM