This amusing interactive show features the ill-tempered Sister Bernie, a blithe priest, and an eager young nun who all believe that God controls the bingo cards. No wonder they’re such devotees, explaining the game’s origins, outlining how to play in excruciating detail, and providing all the amateur glitz they can muster. Their obsession can be comical, and it’s fun to recapture the excitement of a game most haven’t played in a while. But this 75-minute show would be better if there were more going on besides bingo. Susan Gaspar and Paul Stroili are little more than foils for Mary McHale’s amusing character, a variation on her former role as the nun in Late Nite Catechism, now with anger-management issues. Through 12/18: Sat 8 PM, Sun 3 PM. Then Sat 12/31, 8 PM. Holy Covenant United Methodist Church, sanctuary, 925 W. Diversey, 773-403-2616, $25.