This two-month showcase of Chicago sketch comedy features more than 30 local ensembles–some well established, some new to the scene–representing a remarkable range of styles and viewpoints, with two to four groups sharing the bill at each performance. Participating troupes include Brick, ÁSalsation!, GayCo Productions, the WNEP Theater, and others; the festival is presented by Posin’ at the Bar.

Sketch Fest runs through March 2 at the Theatre Building, 1225 W. Belmont. Performances are Thursdays at 7 PM, Fridays-Saturdays at 7 and 9:30 PM, and Sundays at 6 and 8:30 PM. Admission is $18 per show, $26 for a double bill, and $75 for a festival pass. For reservations, call 773-327-5252.


Si, Mi Gusta, Short Bus Scholars, and Giants in the Sky

Si, Mi Gusta performs Charlie’s Hells Angels, the Short Bus Scholars present 50 Miles From Nowhere, and Giants in the Sky appears in Ass Junkie Monkeys. 7 PM.


Ruling Theatre Company and Brick

The Ruling Theatre Company presents Super Punk, a two-man effort directed by John Lutz. “Inflecting straightforward scene work with clever inversions and non sequiturs, writer-performers Mike Betette and Phillip Mottaz gently confound expectations, steering clear of blue, shock, and idiot humor. Onstage they have a wry, relaxed rapport, garnering laughs strictly from the internal logic of the pieces; and while there are quite a few misfires, the tweaks needed to correct them are generally just steps away,” says Reader critic Brian Nemtusak. Also on the program is Brick, which says it’s “dedicated to the fusion of sketch comedy and theatrical presentation.” 7 PM.

Honeyslide and WNEP Theater

WNEP’s Leopold!, created by Dave Bonde and Clay Sander and directed by Don Hall, “is a fast-paced hodgepodge of absurdist comedy sketches. . . . The individual scenes can be hit-and-miss, but overall this is an evening of self-aware, challenging theater,” says Reader critic Jenn Goddu. The improv team Honeyslide performs vignettes inspired by musical selections. 9:30 PM.


Salsation! and WNEP Theater

The all-Latino ensemble ÁSalsation! presents Crouching Wetback, Hidden Migrant. See listing for Friday, February 22, for information on WNEP. 7 PM.

Cupid Productions and GayCo Productions

Cupid Productions, which presents Homilies and Insecurities, claims to be “Chicago’s only group dedicated to musical sketch comedy.” The gay- and lesbian-oriented GayCo Productions presents a program of favorite selections from the past five years. 9:30 PM.


Bootlicking Toady Productions and Harris & Harris

Harris & Harris presents Mistakes Were Made, described as “an examination of the pain and humiliation of adolescence.” Also on the bill is Bootlicking Toady Productions in Cubicles, a satire on corporate culture. 6 PM.

El Salat Dubioso and 4 Letter Productions

4 Letter Productions presents Thirty-Percent Fate; El Salat Dubioso’s show is titled Thole of One Oar. 8:30 PM.


Si, Mi Gusta, Short Bus Scholars, and Giants in the Sky

See listing for Thursday, February 21. 7 PM.