Slammer (The Prison Girl Musical), at ComedySportz. Here you can find almost everything you’d ever want in a campy musical about women in prison: lesbian (and straight) sex, knife fights, a warden with a whip, bad southern accents, and really, really big hair. (The show is almost stolen by Burt Pitcher’s towering wigs, worn by most characters.) What Slammer doesn’t have is crackling lyrics, a strong story, or a likable protagonist–but strangely, all that feels almost secondary.

When sweetheart Doris Dingle (Kate Ayers) is convicted of murdering her best friend, she declares her innocence but is ripped from the arms of her goofy, sex-starved fiance (Rob Jones) and sent to the Georgia state penitentiary. There she comes into conflict with the other girls (and boys in drag), including Stella Sands (Serena Elize Flores), who wants to “protect” her; Miss Dee Lite (a fine-voiced, world-weary Alexandra St. James); and the dominatrix Warden De Zell (Amanda Cohen).

Jay Nagle wrote the book and lyrics with music director Dwayne Parks. He also directed and choreographed the show and plays a small role. This is unfortunate, because another director might have spiced up the dancing and fight scenes and made the sort of cuts (especially to the dismal songs) that this two-hour piece needs to really shine.