I could barely find out anything about Eric Christopherson, aka Sleeping With the Earth. He’s a noise artist from Portland, Oregon, and that’s all I know. After listening to the MP3s on his Web site–he hasn’t released anything in an edition of more than 100 copies since 2000–I have to say that’s all I really want to know. Christopherson’s dark, dense, meditative tracks are probably better without a face or a biography attached. I imagine hard-backed insects touch-typing an insidious message as they scuttle across his tundra of static, or a caravan slave driver trudging through driveway gravel. There’s not a sliver of silence, but a beat emerges anyway, sculpted from what sounds like slowed-down refrigerator buzz: steady swells of noise are punctuated by regular surges of even more noise. The other out-of-town act on this bill, Death Comm, is an Ypsilanti five-piece featuring two of the biggest spazzes in noise today: John Olson, the really sweaty guy from Wolf Eyes, and Mike Connelly, the really sweaty guy from Hair Police. Nonworld: Dogwars (on Olson’s Ameritapes label) is a piercing, nerve-racking, free-jazzy freak-out; it penetrated my housemate’s magic earplugs and drove my dog under the couch. Bloodyminded, Vertonen, and Death Factory open. Sat 2/26, 10 PM, Buddy, 1542 N. Milwaukee, 773-342-7332, $5. All ages.