Snow White (and Rose Red) and the Seven Dwarves, Comedy-Sportz. In this retelling of the classic, intended for kids two to eight and directed by Katherine Gotsick, Snow White and Rose Red are fraternal twins and rivals in the “Kingdom Idol” contest (a parody of American Idol). Of course the sweet one is Snow White (Lindsey Banks), favored to win by her best friend, Bradley (Rene Duquesnoy), and most of the kingdom. But what will delight parents are the catty asides of her deliciously wicked sister (an excellent Sara Wolfson, who here looks and sounds just like actress Jennifer Tilly). When Rose Red is given the magical secret of mind control, she takes over the kingdom from her mother, the queen (Laura Personick), and recruits six orphans to pretend to be dwarves and kill Snow White. (Don’t worry, ComedySportz’s version is much less scary than the Disney film.)

The real stars of the show, however, are the kids in the audience, who are invited onstage to become tigers, monkeys, dwarves, “Kingdom Idol” contestants (one young man proudly sang his ABCs), and other characters. Smoothly working the children into the story makes the show enchanting for youngsters and adults alike. Even better–the tale naturally ends with a lesson, but instead of Snow White marrying the first handsome prince who comes along, she weds her good friend Bradley.