The 12th annual International Exposition of Sculpture Objects & Functional Art brings 90-some dealers in ceramics, furniture, jewelry, and other three-dimensional media to Navy Pier’s Festival Hall, 600 E. Grand. Special exhibits focus on furniture from Tasmania and the U.S., flatware, and work by artists living in Israel. The first two exhibits are among the topics of the following talks, which are free with general admission; tickets cost $15 per day, $12 for students and seniors, or $25 for a three-day pass. Hours are 11 AM-8 PM Friday-Saturday, noon-6 PM Sunday. For more call 800-563-7632 or see


Emerging Talent 2005

Anya Pinchuck, Sergey Jivetin, and Melanie Belinker talk about “their brilliantly obsessive jewelry.” Room 309. 9 AM

The Soft Side of Sculpture 1

Fiber artists Lissa Hunter, Judy James, Laura Foster Nicholson, Lindsay Rais, and Donna Rhae Marder speak. Room 301. 9 AM

Flatware: Function + Fantasy

Metalsmiths Phil Carrizzi, Fred Fenster, and Michel Royston talk knives, spoons, and forks with Rosanne Raab, cocurator of SOFA’s flatware exhibit. Room 309. 10 AM

Turning Point

Heather S. Lineberry, curator at the Arizona State University Art Museum, discusses Edward Jacobson’s collection of turned-wood bowls, donated to the museum in 1989. Room 305. 10 AM

The Soft Side of Sculpture 2

More on fiber work from artists Mary Merkel-Hess, Leah Danberg, Pamela Becker, and Linda Behar. Room 301. 10:30 AM

Judy Onofrio

The sculptor discusses a traveling exhibit of her past decade’s work. Room 305. 11 AM

Artists & Emergencies: The Journey Back

Artists Michael Bauermeister, Laura Donefer, Karen Karnes, Tom Mann, and Richard Royal “describe what it took to sustain their careers during challenging times and how their experiences affected their work”; Racine Art Museum director Bruce Pepich moderates. Room 309. 11:30 AM

Studying a Passion

Folklorist Stacy Tidmore assesses collecting from the perspectives of psychology, art history, cultural studies, and folklore, then talks with collectors Arthur Mason and Anna Mendel. Room 301. Noon

Philosopher’s Stone

Dutch jeweler Ruudt Peters discusses “the direct relationship of our daily environment to art jewelry in general” and his work in particular. Room 309. 1 PM

The Growing Role of Museums in the Crafts

Patricia Kane, decorative-arts curator at the Yale University Art Gallery, and Jack Larsen, president of New York’s LongHouse Reserve, look at “high crafts” in art museums, with a focus on wood art; writer and curator Kevin Wallace moderates. Room 301. 1:30 PM

Taking Flight

Czech artist Ivan Mares recounts the process of casting Wing, a large glass sculpture. Room 305. 1:30 PM

Organic Ornament

Tom Lundberg considers his stitched textile art in terms of “the language of ornament and its conversation between indoors and outdoors.” Room 305. 2:30 PM

Pilchuck Glass School and Its Colleagues

Artist, teacher, and Pilchuck trustee Fritz Dreisbach looks at the history of the Washington state school and how glass-art education has changed since its founding in 1971 by Dale Chihuly. Room 309. 2:30 AM

An Artist and Educator Reflects on His Work

The American Craft Council presents a talk by its 2005 gold medalist, metalsmith Fred Fenster. Room 301. 3 PM

International Contemporary Basketry/Sculpture: Looking East, Looking West for Influences

Artist Nancy Moore Bess, author of Bamboo in Japan, examines weave, form, and other sculptural qualities of baskets. Room 309. 3:30 PM

Expanding an Ancient Art Form

Artist David Bennett “traces the history of reticulated metal and blown glass from early Roman times” and touts his innovations. Room 301. 4 PM


Stephen Powell: Symmetry to Asymmetry

The artist discusses his blown-glass vessels. Room 309. 9 AM

Convergence: Crossing the Divide–The Studio Furniture of Tasmania and America

Wendy Maruyama, cocurator of SOFA’s furniture exhibit, talks with Wisconsin artist Tom Loeser and Tasmanians John Smith and Patrick Hall. Room 301. 10 AM

Flo Perkins: New Work/New Mexico

The artist speaks about her glass sculpture. Room 305. 10 AM

Richard Slee

The ceramist discusses “eight clear phases” of his work as laid out in a recent retrospective. Room 309. 10 AM

Bob Ebendorf

The artist looks back on 40 years as a “studio jeweler, designer for a major company, traveler, and distinguished educator.” Room 309. 11 AM

Material Presence/Body Absence

Artist Brian Boldon speaks on mind-body dualism and his blending of “electronic image and ceramic form.” Room 305. 11 AM

Rare Trades: Making Things by Hand in the Digital Age

Australian curator Mark Thomson asks what can be learned from practitioners of “traditional skilled trades.” Room 301. 11:30 AM

Surface and Structure

Artist Barbara Lee Smith examines “the structure of idea, intention, methods, and materials” in contemporary textile art. Room 309. 12:30 PM

Contemporary Latin American Art in Glass: Silvia Levenson and Einar and Jamex de la Torre

Corning Museum of Glass curator Tina Oldknow speaks. Room 301. 1 PM

Dennis Nahabetian: Merging Metal, Fiber, and More

The Society of North American Goldsmiths presents this artist’s talk. Room 309. 1:30 PM

Jennifer Lee

The ceramist surveys 25 years of work, “focusing on her one-off hand-built ceramic vessels and her travels.” Room 305. 2 PM

Village People

Hank Adams, creative director of New Jersey’s Wheaton Village, discusses his figurative glasswork, “the nature of a communal creative sanctuary, and the unique interface of the individual artist within a public institution.” Room 301. 2 PM

Visions in Stitch

UK artists Rozanne Hawksley and Audrey Walker “share the vision, inspiration, and techniques they have acquired in their combined experiences of more than a century in the world of fiber art.” Room 309. 2:30 PM

The Pleasure of Light

Louis Mueller recalls 25 years in sculptural lighting. Room 301. 3 PM