SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN, at the O Bar & Cafe. Jasper, the hapless hero of Craig Pospisil’s ultralite one-act, is your garden-variety young New Yorker: he just turned 30, hates his job as a complaint handler for a TV station, and craves a life–as in sex. His brain fade is exacerbated by captious colleagues, a control-freak boss, nymphomaniacal strangers, obnoxious diners, and overachieving panhandlers. When Jasper finally learns not to get worked up over what he can’t control (a less than ennobling lesson), he stumbles into love with a bookstore clerk (the winsome Jenny Patt).

Loaded with familiar urban absurdities, this aggressively ordinary script needs all the charm it can get. Unfortunately, it gets precious little from this pedestrian staging; opening night was marred by jerky pacing, sluggish comic timing, and tentative deliveries. Director Jon C. Sevigny, who also plays Jasper with glum abandon, fails to build the comic momentum within scenes and drops the energy between them. Only Mike Foos, who among other roles plays a tenderhearted transient, gives his lines as much charm as they’re capable of. The others succumb to their stereotypes.

–Lawrence Bommer