Whether they like it or not, Soviet will forever bear the brand of electroclash, the New York neo-Eurotrash scene showcased at promoter Larry Tee’s ballyhooed festival last fall. Electronic musicians who’ve been so tagged, most prominently Fischerspooner, have been both lauded and criticized for being overly accessible and, like, retro to the max–everything from the vapid melodies of 80s synth pop to turquoise eyeliner is getting a second chance. Soviet singer Keith Ruggiero sounds bored and British (he’s from Connecticut); the glowing synths and contrived romantic pop arrangements are faggy in a scarf-and-ankle-boots way, but the beats are pure oiled-up beefcake. They do Yaz better than Yaz: a cover of “In My Room” is more coquettish and despairingly dreamy than the original. But while Soviet’s naive Casio tunes aren’t particularly original, they’re ear candy for anyone who either missed the 80s or couldn’t get enough the first time around. Sunday, June 16, 9 PM, Schubas, 3159 N. Southport; 773-525-2508.