Something about the outdoors seems to liberate Redmoon Theater. If you saw the majestic, mysterious procession they staged for the opening of Millennium Park or the amiably wild clowning they did at this year’s Fourth of July parade in Evanston, you know what I mean. Their indoor productions, such as the recent Cyrano, tend to be as ponderous as they are inventive: you come away thinking how much more exciting the rehearsals must have been. But the open air provides its own rationale, I suppose; released from the burden of making literary sense, Redmoon is free to make other kinds. And does. Outdoors, their work is full of opulent logic, kinesthetic joy. Spectacle ’04: Sink. Sank. Sunk… is unlikely to be an exception. From what I’ve heard, and seen at a rehearsal, the piece has a through line but doesn’t give in to conventional narrative. And there are pleasures appropriate to an election year, as when a character called Boss Man turns out quite literally to be so much hot air. a Thu 9/23-Sun 9/26, 6 PM, Ping Tom Memorial Park, 300 W. 19th, 312-850-8440. Free.