If you were among the hypotensive minority who thought Low’s first album could’ve been a little slower and sadder, a little more sedate and diffuse, this is just the band for your attention span. Little Hours (Jagjaguwar), Spokane’s fifth album, seems to unfold according to Zeno’s Paradox, which postulates a distance divided in half infinitely–it’s always approaching zero but never quite reaches it. Rick Alverson (formerly of Drunk, a fellow Virginia slowcore act) writes tunes that divide time into ever more fleeting moments and feelings into tinier and tinier sensations, pursuing a telescoping search inward. It takes skill bordering on magic to manipulate a trajectory like this; in lesser hands the attempt almost always results in plodding tedium. Instead each subsequent Spokane album edges a little closer to the impossible–the rendering of nothingness as music, crossing over into the space beyond songs and sound that Philip Glass and Brian Eno aspired to in their own ways. Liza Kate, Scale Model, the Astronomer, and On We open. a 9 PM, South Union Arts, 1352 S. Union, southunionarts.com, $10 suggested donation. A –J. Niimi