The play being rehearsed in L. Trey Wilson’s Stage Directions requires its two actors to kiss–a task that’s no problem for gay Gary but increasingly uncomfortable for heterosexual Rod. The playwright and the show’s director also must confront their feelings about homosexuality. The topic might have been an invitation to didactic sermonizing, but Wilson–no stranger to the world of show business–is refreshingly candid and evenhanded in his exploration of the African-American community’s expectations of male behavior, lacing his treatment with satirical observations and humorous insights. Director Delia Gray adds her own grace notes to this Chicago Theatre Company staging, holding our interest right up to the eminently satisfying surprise ending. Through 11/27: Fri-Sat 8 PM, Sun 3 PM. Chicago Theatre Company, Parkway Community House, 500 E. 67th, 773-493-0901. $25-$30.