I’ll never forget the pasting that my predecessor, Lisa Alspector, gave the 2001 Ben Stiller-Owen Wilson comedy, Zoolander. I must have seen a different movie–or maybe I’m “contemptible,” “shallow,” and “abhorrent” myself–because I laughed my head off at its ridiculous parody of the fashion industry and dim, preening male models. This big-screen remake of the 70s cop show, directed by Todd Phillips (Old School), isn’t quite as inspired, but Stiller and Wilson are still hilarious as the supercool detectives–there hasn’t been a comedy duo this good since John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd. Even when the material falters, the movie glides along on a sincere love of 70s TV action, accurately scaled to the modest level of rolling over car hoods and racing up fire escapes. PG-13, 97 min. Biograph, Burnam Plaza, Century 12 and CineArts 6, Chatham 14, City North 14, Crown Village 18, Ford City, Gardens 1-6, Gardens 7-13, Golf Glen, Lake, Lawndale, Lincoln Village, Norridge, 600 N. Michigan, Village North.