Emerald City Theatre Company’s musical adaptation of three Janell Cannon children’s books capitalizes on her gift for making “revolting” creatures–bats, pythons, hyenas–appealing. Even as played by perky Kara Konken, an American Girls Revue alum, the bat Stellaluna retains a wonderfully creepy quality, especially when she spreads her leathery wings. But the production’s real standouts are the costumes, puppets, and masks, all designed by L. Nicholas Saubers: many received Lion King-like gasps of appreciation from adults, and at a fraction of the Lion King cost. Younger audience members seemed more interested in Cannon’s stories as rendered by book writer Alyn Cardarelli, her apt but forgettable lyrics, and Steve Goers’s tunes. Through 11/5: Sat 10:30 AM and 1 PM, Sun 1 PM. Apollo Theater, 2540 N. Lincoln, 773-935-6100. $9-$12.