Credit: Robert Trachtenberg

Famous as the Curly to Larry David’s Moe on HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, Second City alum Jeff Garlin has always been big on sweets. His stand-up show, No Sugar Tonight, chronicles the highs and lows of his glucose addiction. Garlin cites diabetes and his voice work on the 2008 Pixar movie WALL-E as motivators to help him stop scarfing down so many doughnuts. Remember WALL-E’s human characters, too fat to get off their hover-chaises, even to grab themselves a Coke? Garlin voiced their captain. Now on the wagon for several years, Garlin uses No Sugar Tonight to wax nostalgic and show off his uncanny ability to recall what he binged on during the taping of any given Curb episode. He’s not known for a tightly structured act but for his affable, modest personality and spot-on bullshit meter. Although Krispy Kremes will probably be a central motif, you can also expect stories about Garlin’s other antics, from proposing to his wife at a Neil Diamond concert to taking his son’s foreskin to Disneyland. And speak up: Garlin is at his best riffing off an energetic audience.