Legal eagle by day, young man with a horn at night, Steve Schneck demonstrates that he’s a born musician every time he plays: as a sideline, he makes music with enough clarity and taste to make you reconsider your worst impressions of lawyers. Schneck brings a warm, full tone to his instruments (trumpet and flugelhorn), and his admirable ability to direct an improvisation from start to finish offers another clue to the identity of his models, the hard-bop giants Clifford Brown and Art Farmer. Sitting in regularly with Marshall Vente’s small band, Schneck has borrowed a few of Vente’s stalwarts for his own group, including guitarist Frank Dawson, bassist Scott Mason, and vocalist Anna Dawson, who is the prime beneficiary of Schneck’s marvelous talent at accompaniment: his careful musings behind her singing could stand on their own, yet they never overpower the lyrics. It’s not unusual to find an attorney who blows his own horn, but you won’t find many who do it so euphoniously. Wednesday, the Bulls, 1916 N. Lincoln Park West; 337-3000.