Staying home in the Twin Cities and playing with tape loops instead of synthesizers; wringing new sounds from a variety of fretted instruments instead of relying on the latest sample; sticking mostly to eight tracks while the tech men are dissecting everything into 32–that’s how guitarist Steve Tibbetts has painstakingly constructed his densely woven instrumental tapestries over the last 15 years, and he’s built a small battalion of loyalists in the process. His music is not preoccupied with either technique or technicalities but rather harnesses both in the service of striking and original forms and textures, now explosive, now seductively indrawn. You hear shades of Leo Kottke, but the exotic power of primitive South American rhythm has also colored some of his work in the 80s, and the neon-toned specter of Jimi Hendrix is often hovering somewhere above the proceedings. Tibbetts is certainly an extraordinary guitarist; how well his electronic wizardry translates to live performance is a good guess, at least to those of us in Chicago, where (I believe) he has never before performed. He’ll be joined by a frequent and invaluable collaborator, the percussionist Marc Anderson. Tonight, Edge, of the Lookingglass, 62 E. 13th; 939-4017.