Rock Hudson’s sham marriage inspired this diverting comedy set in the 1950s, when Hollywood was being terrorized by politicos in search of perverts, pinkos, and potheads. Secretly gay matinee idol Guy Stone (Matt Letscher) takes the advice of his butch manager (Veronica Cartwright) and weds his producer’s starstruck secretary (Carrie Preston), but his heart lies with the lefty novelist (Adam Greer) whose prolabor polemic is the basis of his latest picture. Writer-director Richard Day wittily evokes 50s cinema–the lush soap operas of Douglas Sirk, the glossy comedies of Ross Hunter, the gritty dramas of Elia Kazan–and the players deftly balance flip caricature with a surprisingly moving depiction of those trapped in the celluloid closet. 96 min. Music Box.