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Oscar Arriola


Favorite street art spot: “Most of the West Loop is spotless, but there’s a wall on Green Street just south of Randolph that has a lot of work.”

Chicago Culture Couple


Favorite street art spot: “An alley off Halsted between Cermak and 21st—we’ve seen stencil work from Ray ‘CRO’ Noland, Nice One figures, Don’t Fret wheat pastes, and amazing tags.”

Billy Craven


Favorite street art spot: “Near the corner of Milwaukee and Fullerton behind Liberty Bank is a wall, topped with razor wire, that’s regularly curated every couple weeks by old-school graffiti writer Flash ABC [Artistic Bombing Crew].”

Andrew Hickey


Favorite street art spot: “In Little Village, walk along 26th Street from Kedzie to Pulaski. Keep your eyes out for work by one of my favorite Chicago street artists, Miguel De Real.”

Jeff Mancilla


Favorite street art spot: “I don’t give out information like that to anyone.”