Super Supreme Deluxe: the Honeyslide Story, Honeyslide, at the Playground. The Honeyslide ensemble report that they employ “a variety of musical samplings to create and develop characters with perspectives that are unconventional and unexpected.” And indeed, several of the sketches here feature a sound track–the funniest bit locates us in a store whose employees dance to piped-in disco music as they go about their tasks.

The revue begins with an anniversary celebration that takes an unromantic turn when the husband starts singing “I’m better than you.” The rest of the program offers variations on this egotistical theme: a boisterous CEO patronizes his subordinates, a writing teacher pushes sex and drugs on his students, a wholesome midwestern lad leaves home to fight Hitler and returns to reject his family and swear loyalty to his fellow soldiers. Finally the entire company addresses the audience in a reprise of the opening song, now altered to “We’re better than you!”

The musical analogies are often more evocative than overt here, and the players’ admirable effort to create characters beyond the standard improv-comedy types sometimes delays our comprehension, to the detriment of the humor. There seems to be plenty of talent and imagination among the Honeyslides, but they need to make their gifts more accessible.