The two writer-performers of Around the Corner Productions say in a program note that their sketch show, focused on characters “with extreme perspectives and traits,” explores “thoughts and emotions that many of us have but don’t allow ourselves to fully experience.” Maybe that’s because these thoughts and feelings are pretty ugly. Still, these perspectives can be comical when Min-aha Beeck and Vinnie Lacey push their characterizations to absurd levels, as when a tough-love mom challenges her son to a bleeding contest. But the general lack of bold choices in this show directed by Bobby Mort renders most of the material only mildly amusing. Little distinguishes this rookie improvisation team from others playing around town, including the Rag Dolls, another sporadically funny fledgling troupe whose short improv set started the show on opening night. Through 4/30: Sat 10:15 PM. Live Bait Theater, 3914 N. Clark, 630-209-6528. $10.