SUPERPUSSYVIXEN, GO FASTER, KILL, Sweetback Productions, at National Pastime Theater. When the Sweetback folks opened their send-up of Ed Wood’s famously bad Plan Nine From Outer Space two years ago, they set a new standard for shows based on appropriated material. Unfortunately, nothing Sweetback has done since has been as inspired or well done. Their last show, Female Trouble, was a misguided attempt to parody a parody. And their current show isn’t much better. The sloppy, noisy Superpussyvixen, Go Faster, Kill has been cobbled together primarily from three Russ Meyer films, Mudhoney, Motor Psycho, and Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! But it never quite achieves the energy, mood, or (perhaps unintentional) subversive tone of Meyer’s exploitation flicks. The women in the show aren’t sexy or dangerous enough–though Roxanna Ratossa and Timothy James-O’Brien as a pair of sex kittens come close. And David Cerda’s script only sporadically captures what makes Meyer’s films fascinating: the wonderfully bad dialogue, the extreme characters, and his ambivalence about assertive, large-breasted women.

The show is full of inspired touches, including a hilarious send-up of go-go dancing complete with absurd tasseled pasties, but even these moments are marred by cast members who confuse screaming with acting and crowd scenes so badly staged they devolve into chaos. Directors Kelly Anchors and Mike McKune can’t seem to decide whether they’ve come to praise Meyer or to bury him–so they do both, and bury themselves as well.

–Jack Helbig