SUSPICIOUS CLOWNS and THE RESISTANCE, Second City Training Center. Among the Suspicious Clowns sketches in this two-troupe late-night showcase are a medley of movie-ad buzz phrases, a scene featuring a glossolalic farmwife, and another about verbally incompatible lovers, one of whom speaks in recipe instructions, the other in third-person narratives. A househusband confesses to having sex with a lamp–“I could see the signs!” laments his spouse, staring in horror at the placards adorning the guilty parties. Language is a theme, but so is body language: Vincent Truman plays the proprietor of a shop selling mime supplies, and later he and Jeb Cadwell, portraying Hindu mystics, duel to determine who’s the more ascetic of the two.

The Resistance, the evening’s opening act, fares less well. This improv ensemble consists of six men and a lone woman whose contribution consists of little more than set decoration. The result is a quasi-unisex show that blurs the distinction between female and effeminate male characters, which makes comprehending already dubious premises even more difficult.