In more than 20 years of watching dance I can’t remember a single work devoted to sexual abuse. Plenty skirted the issue, often in a titillating way. But none focused full bore on the victims. That’s odd, since abuse is a violation of the body so overwhelming and fundamental it seems only a bodily representation could communicate it. Instead we talk about the subject in a seemingly endless series of books, plays, and made-for-TV movies. In Heroine/Her Story Breakbone DanceCo. performers Suzanne Dado and Sarah Haas address the issue head-on in dance. Both survivors of sexual violence, they offer their own, often poetic accounts as well as others, expressing themselves in music, text, imagery, and movement. What they express is rage. The horror of their personal experiences is amplified by textual and visual allusions to worldwide phenomena like sexual slavery and pornography. Perhaps most horrifying are the pictures of little girls crying and afraid. This 70-minute work for five performers isn’t easy to watch, and occasionally it’s so angry it’s a bit scattershot. But the whole point is the childlike, all-consuming fury and sorrow. There will be a discussion after each performance, led by a representative from the Chicago Women’s Health Center. a 10/13-10/15: Thu-Sat 8 PM. Link’s Hall, 3435 N. Sheffield, 773-281-0824. $10-$12.