The secret to the Sweat Girls’ long-running success is that, despite their moniker, they never seem to break a shvitz. That doesn’t mean they’re not hardworking. Since 1993 this ensemble of monologuists has delivered engaging, thoughtful, funny disquisitions on topics ranging from dating and motherhood to the encroachments of middle age without any pandering or preaching. The current five self-effacing, witty, articulate writer-performers–Cindy Hanson, Dorothy Milne, Clare Nolan, Martie Sanders, and Pamela Webster–don’t get up onstage together as often as they used to; Milne for one has been busy running Lifeline Theatre. So this short run as part of the Fillet of Solo Festival is an opportunity to catch up with old friends. a See the Fillet of Solo listing for a complete festival schedule. “Sweat Etiquette” runs Fri-Sat 8/3-8/4, 9 PM, Live Bait Theater, 3914 N. Clark, 773-871-1212, $10-$15. –Kerry Reid