Tales from Mom’s Crypt 7: The Thing Beneath Tiff’s Chins, Corn Productions, at the Cornservatory. The latest installment of this annual campy creepfest is lewd, crude, and rude–and if that’s the sort of thing you get a kick out of, then it’s also funny. Gluttonous Tiff and slutty Mom (Robert Bouwman and Todd Schaner, both in drag), the “belles of Berwyn,” host a revue of 11 Halloween-themed stories performed by a cast of 11. The playlets feature sexual puns, gross-out plot twists, ghosts, bogeymen, a murderous flying baby with glowing eyes, the Village People, and a clever “Lord of the Rings” parody: playing Dildo Gaggins, Mom has furry feet attached to her extralarge pumps.

Just to remind us there are some things we should really be afraid of, there’s also one seriously scary story about domestic violence and a good deed gone horribly wrong. In other tales, Michelle Thompson-Hay is sassy as an awkward girl whose body is taken over by the ghost of a biker babe, Chris Jacobs is laugh-out-loud funny as a princess who talks only in whispers, and Ami Collard hits the perfect note as a pouty southern-belle babysitter steeped in hip-hop culture.