Tales From Mom’s Crypt IV: I Know What Tiff Ate Last Supper, Corn Productions, at the Cornservatory. If the folks at Corn Productions had put as much comedic effort into their latest foray into ersatz camp and raunchy drag as they did on their cutesy-pie press release (a fat pink binder dolled up as if by an eighth-grade girl), perhaps their audience wouldn’t have to endure this terrifying descent into seriously unfunny theatrical hubris.

Clocking in at an unforgivable three hours, this parody of the horror genre, the fourth hosted by “Berwyn mother and daughter” Tiff and Mom Tiffelmeyer (Robert Bouwman and Todd Schaner), is a patchwork of labored vignettes that quickly become tiresome.

Most of the scenes were penned by Schaner and Bouwman, whose scripts seem to have been commissioned for a suburban titty bar. Each sketch crawls along with stinky puns, bad acting, and poo-poo humor about vaginal excretions and blow jobs. In the most baffling moments, two scenes brought the show to a halt with their faux seriousness.

Monica-Hope Kallman’s takeoff on Macbeth is clever, but was lost on an audience more interested in getting plastered and yelling, “Take off your top!” To drag queens, no less. (The working chain saw was a nice touch, but sent noxious fumes wafting through the theater all night.)

The too-large cast is appropriately outrageous, but only Keith Cavanaugh as a young cannibal and Jenny Lamb as a top-heavy nurse stand out. Yes, I know this is supposed to be campy, amateurish fun. But at the cost of three unfunny hours and ten undeserved bucks? That’s scary.

–Erik Piepenburg