Corn Productions’ annual fest of campy gore and naughty puns doesn’t quite have the spirit it’s had in past years. The stories are slightly more disturbing, but they don’t communicate the usual wit or emotional stakes. Even the series’ driving duo–Robert Bouwman (who also directs) as the glutton Tiff and Todd Schaner as the sex addict Mom–seemed tired of the material until the finale, when they regained the spark of showmanship. The evening’s 11 stories include serial killers, molesting priests, and redneck cannibals, but the two best are straight-on parodies. In “Rosemary’s Baby Daddy,” Satan (Michelle R. Thompson-Hay) appears on the Jerry Springer show (Michael Brooks plays Springer) to protest the idea that he fathered Rosemary’s baby. And in “Zombie Ray,” Brooks does a wickedly funny impression of Ray Romano as the walking dead. Through 10/29: Wed-Fri, 8 PM. Then Sun 10/31, 7 PM. Cornservatory, 4210 N. Lincoln, 312-409-6435. $6-$12.