There’s nothing inspired about David Mink’s paint-by-numbers revival of Moliere’s comic masterpiece for the Oak Park Festival Theatre. Even transposing the story, about a religious hypocrite who takes over an aristocrat’s household, from 17th-century France to the American south in the early 20th century is accomplished so halfheartedly it’s hardly worth mentioning. But you don’t have to be brilliant or fully committed to a directorial concept when the text is Richard Wilbur’s stunning translation. You just have to have actors able to articulate their lines loudly and clearly, and the wit will speak for itself. That’s what Mink’s ensemble does, with pleasant, painless results. Through 4/30: Thu-Sat 7:30 PM, Sun 4 PM, Historic Pleasant Home, 217 S. Home, Oak Park, 708-445-4440, $17-$25, industry night Thu 4/6.