Being single kind of rules. You get to jump to the front of the line when there’s only one empty seat on a roller coaster. Eating brunch by yourself means not having to share your bacon with a person who was “not hungry enough” for their own order. And being successful and not having to credit a “partner” is just about the best in the world.

Then this time of year rolls around and all those coupled-up types with their shiny white smiles and chocolate-covered displays of affection come along to crap all over our independence—and simultaneously make being in a relationship seem not so bad.

So in this year’s Valentine’s Day issue we’re celebrating singles who are amazing on their own, but wouldn’t mind meeting the right person to be amazing alongside. We asked our readers—coupled and single alike—to nominate their most eligible friends, and the response was so overwhelming we could have started our own dating site (hey, wait, I think we have one already). We narrowed it down to ten Chicagoans, one of whom has visited every country in the former Soviet Union, another who’s the CEO of her own company, and a couple of people who work right here at the Reader. Think you’re right for any of them? You can rub elbows with our featured singles at our Anti-Valentine’s Day Party on Saturday. Anything beyond elbows, you’re on your own. But in our role as matchmaker, we’ve helped you along by including e-mail addresses. Brianna Wellen