Tenacious D seems hell-bent on redressing the entirety of self-serious pop rock: on the sound track to their movie, Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny (Sony), Jack Black and Kyle Gass try so spasmodically hard to win you over that they sound like they’re about to bust hernias. But that only adds to the charm. The joke about Tenacious D being the “world’s greatest rock band,” of course, is that they suck–they’re like the pothead lunatics in your dorm who burst into people’s rooms at 3 AM, bashing out profane, made-up “songs” on barely tuned guitars. Except Tenacious D are the ultimate expression of that ethos: they’re the rock stars of sucking, and at times they’re as entertaining as entertainment gets. On “The Government Totally Sucks,” Black sings “They’re takin’ all the fuckin’ beautiful animals / And makin’ ’em fuckin’ exti-i-i-inct!”–delivering that last word in a bombastic vibrato a la Ronnie James Dio, who cameos on the mini rock opera “Kickapoo.” How long can these jokes retain their punch? Their 2001 debut hasn’t left my iPod, and its tracks always seem to pop up whenever my peerless good taste starts to feel a tad oppressive. Neil Hamburger opens. a 8 PM, UIC Pavilion, 1150 W. Harrison, 312-413-5740 or 312-559-1212, $40. A