Teresa Mucha is sweet, gentle, and entirely contrary. While many young artists spend as much time developing their careers as they do making art, she recently left the star-studded studio of Tony Fitzpatrick, where she was a Big Cat Press master printer, to go out on her own–her White Wings Press opens next month. She also left her high-profile gallery, Vedanta, for the smaller Aron Packer Gallery, where she now has a solo exhibit, “Clipped Wings Can Grow Again.” Both moves were made so that she could focus on her art, which is as gentle and contrary as she is. The 46 works in this show are tiny–most are about five inches by six–black-and-white graphite drawings on gessoed aluminum, each depicting one or more carefully drawn hands that sprout delicate wings, like birds or angels. The drawings are overtly spiritual, even religious, and they include proverblike phrases: “Against All Hope, Hope On,” “Let Go of the Old to Receive the New,” “Through Tenderness Fearlessness Is Born.” These works could easily wallow in sentimentality or sarcasm; instead they’re compellingly odd, surreal. In an art world that’s simultaneously staunchly idealistic and maddeningly cynical, their sincerity sparkles. Aron Packer Gallery, 118 N. Peoria, through November 16. Hours are 10:30 to 5:30 Tuesday through Saturday; 312-226-8984.