Even weirder than an unfunny sketch ensemble is a comedy troupe that seems only faintly interested in being funny in the first place. This seriously offbeat effort from Molly Hale, Megan Bell, and John Pattavina lolls from scene to scene like a lithium case on a washed-out Sunday stroll. Occasionally a kind of flattened chaos flickers across the stage in the form of gibberish, empty chatter, bogus interpretive dance, or a Joan Jett imitation, but like a phantasm it’s gone just as quickly, leaving no ripple on the show’s metaphorically becalmed waters. Can it be an accident that romantic loss looms large in this intermittently interesting, seldom humorous head-scratcher? Through 12/17: Sat 11 PM. Trap Door Theatre, 1655 W. Cortland, 773-780-9174. $5-$10.