This muddled kids’ show directed by Michael Brooks has a cute premise and some fun ideas but collapses too easily into cliche: at the end we’re told there’s no place like home, individualism is OK, and you can’t judge a book by its cover. The story revolves around a young aardvark (Ginny Moore) who feels restricted by her community’s emphasis on routine and work, so she declares, “I don’t wanna!” Her Grambo (Jenni Cline), a similarly antsy aardvark, tells her that she needs to figure out what she does want. When that turns out to be brussels sprouts, they join a group of pirates (delightfully costumed by Becky Werve) to search for the vegetables. The young audience seemed to feel the strongest connection not to the actors, who talk down to them, but to two very original puppets: a pissed-off ant and a brussels sprout. Through 4/24: Sat-Sun 2 PM. No show Sun 3/27. Cornservatory, 4210 N. Lincoln, 312-409-6435. $5-$10.