MOB Productions makes its debut with Peter Morris’s 2002 play, structured as alternating monologues for a tacky showbiz mom and a young man serving time for a notorious murder he committed as a child. Though Morris tends to moralize on his themes–fame gained and innocence lost–the play proves a sensible choice for a brand-new cash-strapped company: it provides meaty roles and some pretty good speeches yet requires only two actors and not much of a set. The two performers here are the show’s chief assets, especially Alex Goodman, who plays the young murderer with a combination of sweetness and menace that captures the inherent contradictions of being a “child criminal.” This isn’t a perfect production by any means, but it does reveal that MOB has good instincts. And that can’t hurt. Through 6/4: Thu-Sun 8 PM. Stage Left Theatre, 3408 N. Sheffield, 773-814-0480. $15.