THE AGE OF CYNICISM, OR KARAOKE NIGHT AT THE HOG | Keith Huff breaks the fourth wall before it’s even erected in his latest play, a droll–if insubstantial–audience-participation romantic comedy set at a trendy karaoke bar. Host Patrick Brennan greets patrons at the box office to encourage participation in the evening’s festivities; a few later get coaxed out of their seats to show their chops in front of a microphone. Director Ann Filmer sets a relaxed pace with the “he said, she said” vignettes framing the karaoke performances. Huff’s characters occasionally lapse into stiff platitudes, but there’s no question the play is tailor-made for the talents of its four performers. Christopher Cordon–channeling Niles Crane as an anal-retentive sissy–brings the house down during a shirtless rendition of Prince’s “Kiss,” an extended goof so perfectly executed that everything afterward feels like a letdown.