Gretchen Cryer’s book and lyrics deliver a host of positive messages to girls about patience, resilience, and responsibility. A rotating cast of kids, all stronger singers than actors, joins a few adults to reenact American Girl dolls’ stories. But halfway through, this 75-minute sales pitch is getting a bit tiresome. For one thing we have to wait until the 1900s–when the dolls’ stories start in 1764–for some comedy and for more uptempo tunes. Nancy Ford’s anthemlike songs may well feel overly earnest to adults, though perhaps they’re just the thing for a young girl to belt into her hairbrush at home. Open run: Thu-Fri 5:30 PM, Sat 12:30, 2, 4, and 5:30 PM, Sun 12:30, 2, and 4 PM. American Girl Place, 111 E. Chicago, 877-247-5223. $28.