Before coming to Hollywood to make slasher films, Ronny Yu directed this gem of the new Hong Kong cinema, a rhapsodic sword-and-sorcery epic that makes regal use of actors Leslie Cheung and Brigitte Lin. He’s a dashing swordsman charged with defeating an evil Manchurian cult; she’s a lethal wolf girl expelled from the cult after falling in love with him. Shot by Peter Pau (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), Yu’s delirious compositions often suggest shadow puppetry in their use of profile and luminous color, but the high style is balanced with plenty of kinetic martial arts thrills (the heroine likes to slice adversaries in half with her whip). No fan of action cinema should miss this. In Cantonese with subtitles; a worn but serviceable 35-millimeter ‘Scope print will be shown. 90 min. Gene Siskel Film Center.