The second annual festival of contemporary video by and about Native Americans, ranging from animation to documentary. This program, cosponsored by the Chicago American Indian Health Services, originated at the National Museum of the American Indian. Screenings, which run from Friday, May 31, through Tuesday, June 4, will be held at Chicago Filmmakers, 1229 W. Belmont; admission is $4, $2 for Filmmakers members. For further information call 2818788)


TIDES OF HISTORY A program of shorts, including Edgar Heap of Birds’s In Our Language (1982), Jeff Bear’s Beyond the Robin’s Song (1982), Sandra Osawa’s In the Heart of the Big Mountain (t988), and Edin and Ethel Velez’s Meta Mayan (1981). (8:00)


WALKING WITH GRANDFATHER A 90 minute program for children that includes six shorts by Phil Lucas dramatizing traditional Native American lesson stories and legends. (4:00)

ARCTIC SPIRIT Two videos: Inuit artist Zach Kunuk’s Quaggiq (1989) stars the people of his home village; Skip Blumberg’s 21st Annual World Eskimo Indian Olympics (1983) documents such competitions as the “blanket toss” and “knuckle hop,” and profiles various participants. (6:00)

TRIBAL MEDIA Local videos made by and for various tribes, including Larry Cesspooch’s Ute Bear Dance Story (1983), Gary Robinson’s Stickball: Little Brother of War (1985), Joseph Leonard’s animated Coyote Goes Underground (1989), Curt Madison’s Songs in Minto Life (1985), Vincent Carelli’s Video in the Villages (1989), and Kinhiabieti’s The Tamandua Festival (1990). (8:00)


TELLING THE STORY Catherine Attla, a Koyukon elder in Alaska, discusses ancient practices in The Bible and the Distant Time (1987); Hopi history is recounted by a story-telling elder in Victor Masayesva Jr.’s Itam Hakim, Hopiit (1984); and Phil Lucas’s I’m Not Afraid of Me relates the story of an Alaskan Indian woman and her daughter who are struggling to live with AIDS. (5:00)

NATIVE TELEVISION The Inuvialuit Communications Society’s Whaling at Nulguggiak (1990) is part of a weekly broadcast to seven villages in the Canadian arctic; Nedaa (1988) is an excerpt from the weekly newsmagazine of Northern Native Broadcast Yukon; and Eyes of the Spirit (1984), a documentary about making masks, was produced by Yup’ik director Alexie Isaac for KYUK TV in Bethel, Alaska. (8:00)


ARCTIC SPIRIT See listing under Saturday, June 1. (8:00)


TELLING THE STORY See listing under Sunday, June 2. (8:00)