The 11th Chicago Lesbian & Gay International Film Festival continues from Friday, November 15, through Sunday, November 17, at Chicago Filmmakers, 1229 W. Belmont, and the University of Chicago Law School Auditorium, 1111 E. 60th St. Tickets ($4 for Most matinees, $6 for most evening shows) go on sale a half hour before the first show; advance tickets can be purchased before the day of the show at Chicago Filmmakers. Festival passes are $55 (good for all screenings) and $25 (good for six screenings). For further information call 281-1981 or 281-8788.


NORTH OF VORTEX An hour-long narrative film from England by Constantine Giannaris, set in American locations ranging from New York to the western deserts, about two men and a woman who play out their sexual fantasies. To be shown with Giannaris’s 35-minute Caught Looking, a comic look at male homosexual fantasies from the Victorian era to the present. (Chicago Filmmakers, 7:00)

OVER OUR DEAD BODIES An English documentary by Stuart Marshall (Desire, Comrade in Arms) about the origins of such recent gay activist groups as Act Up, Queer Nation, and Outrage. (Univ. of Chicago Law School Auditorium, 7:00)

PERIL OR PLEASURE?: SEXUAL BODY POLITICS Seven shorts: Andrea Torrice’s documentary Peril or Pleasure? Feminist Produced Pornography (1990), Cheryl Dunye’s She Don’t Fade, Aarin Burch’s Spin Cycle, Mary Patierno’s Rove, the Canadian Bodies in Trouble and Nice Girls Don’t Do It (both 1990), and Azian Nurudin’s video Nancy’s Nightmare (1988). (Chicago Filmmakers, 9:00)

KHUSH AND OTHER SHORT FILMS The Urdu word for “ecstatic pleasure” as well as “happy and gay” is the title of Pratibha Parmar’s English short about South Asian lesbians and gays. On the same program, Michael Mayson’s Billy Turner’s Secret (1990), Aarin Burch’s Spin Cycle, Mary Patierno’s Rove, Zack Stieglitz’s Aristophanes, and Christopher Newby’s strikingly shot short narrative from England, Relax, about waiting for the results of an HIV test. (Univ. of Chicago Law School Auditorium, 9:00)


HIGH SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL Three videos by high school students about teenage homophobia and related concerns: Free to Be Me (by students at the New York Educational Video Center), Sexual Orientation: Reading Between the Labels (produced by Wisconsin Public Television), and Too Close for Comfort. (Chicago Filmmakers, 12:30)

AIDS: THE VULNERABLE BODY Four short videos: the hour-long Video Quilt (1990) by Chicago artist Christopher Bayard, Patrick Wright’s Voices of Life: People Living With AIDS, Nino Rodriguez’s Identities, and Vincent Grenier’s Out in the Garden. (Chicago Filmmakers, 2:30)

RETURN OF STRANGE ENCOUNTERS OF THE FUN KIND Half a dozen comic film and video shorts: The Lavender Tortoise, The Lost Lucy Episode, Betty Page: Setting the Record Straight, Drag In for Votes, Heads or Tails, and Interior Decorator From Hell. (Chicago Filmmakers, 5:00)

VIDEOS BY SADIE BENNING Videos by Sadie Benning, an 18-year-old video artist from Milwaukee whose much-praised diaristic work often deals with issues of lesbian identity. Benning will be present to introduce and discuss her work, including New Year (1989), Living Inside (1989), Me and Rubyfruit (1989), If Every Girl Had a Diary (1990), Jollies (1990), and A Place Called Lovely, her most recent. (Chicago Filmmakers, 7:15)

TIME OFF Eytan Fox’s 45-minute Israeli fiction film focuses on homosexuality in the Israeli army. On the same program, one short from Israel, Israel Seyger’s On Purpose, and two from the U.S., Michael Mayson’s Billy Turner’s Secret (1990) and Peter Reed’s Paper Cranes. (Chicago Filmmakers, 9:15)


A FAMILY AFFAIR Half a dozen shorts: Robert and Donald Kinney’s Stephen (adapted from a Thornton Wilder story), Jeff Cole’s British The Truth Game (1990), Gillian Lacey’s British Family Turns (1988), Tommy Harris’s Splash, Steve Reinke’s Canadian 11 Dreams, and Mark Christopher’s A Gormes Delight (1982). (Chicago Filmmakers, 1:00)

GAY GAYMES: THE BODY IN ACTION Four shorts about gay and lesbian participation in sports: Ellen Spiro’s The Gaymes, Maya Chowdhry’s British Running Gay, Richard Kwietniowski’s British Personal Best, and Eileen Lee and Marilyn Abbink’s Women of Gold. (Chicago Filmmakers, 3:00)

ODE TO THE MALE BODY Ten shorts: John Di Stefano’s (Tell Me Why) The Epistomology of Disco (1990), Paul Bettell’s British Illegal Tender (1988), Marlon Riggs’s Anthem (1990), Mark Kamps’s The Manager (1985), David Lamble’s Mike’s Film (1990), Zack Stieglitz’s Aristophanes, Philippe Roques’s Don’t Touch-Hors Limite, Peter Cramer’s Black & White Study (1990), Matthew Link’s Clips From Kelley’s Porno Movie, and Hank Hivnor’s Innocence Lost. (Chicago Filmmakers, 5:00)

NORTH OF VORTEX See listing under Friday, November 15. (Chicago Filmmakers, 7:15)