The tenth Chicago Lesbian & Gay International Film Festival continues from Friday, November 16, through Sunday, November 18, at Chicago Filmmakers, 1229 W. Belmont, and Rodde Center, 4753 N. Broadway. Tickets ($4 for most matinees, including 5 pm shows; $5 for most evening shows) go on sale a half hour before the first show; advance tickets can be purchased before the day of the show at Chicago Filmmakers. Festival passes are $25, good for six screenings only. For further information call 281-1981 or 281-8788.


WILD FLOWERS Robert Smith’s British feature, set on the west coast of Scotland in the late 60s and scripted by Sharman MacDonald, concerns the romantic relationship that develops between a young woman from Glasgow and her boyfriend’s mother (1989). (Chicago Filmmakers, 7:00)

LOOKING FOR MY PENIS: THE EROTICIZED ASIAN IN GAY VIDEO PORN An illustrated lecture by Toronto video artist and writer Richard Fung, who will be focusing on the work of gay porn star Sum Yong Mahn. Fung will also show his own recent Steam Clean. (Chicago Filmmakers, 9:00)


AIDS VIDEO SHORTS Ten short videos. Two are from Canada: Colin Campbell’s Skin and Steve Reinke’s 1989 Excuse of the Real. The others are from the U.S.: Ron Pajak’s His Daily Bread, Dean Lance’s A Hard Reign’s Gonna Fall, DIVA TV’s Target City Hall (1989), Howard Motyl’s Memorial, Robert Beck’s Feeling of Power: #6769, Philippe Roques’s Laura, Ingrid & Rebeccaus, Nino Rodriguez’s Caring: Acupuncture and AIDS, and Robert Colucci’s A Playwright Speaks, which focuses on Chicago playwright Nicholas Patricca. (Chicago Filmmakers, 12:30)

OUT ON TUESDAY: PROGRAM 3 The third of four programs to be shown from Britain’s Channel Four gay and lesbian newsmagazine show; this one includes an investigation of gay conservatives, a feature on opera queens (“My Beautiful Lorgnette”), a look at the myths and fears surrounding bisexuality, and a segment on the consequences of AIDS. (Chicago Filmmakers, 3:15)

OUT ON TUESDAY: PROGRAM 4 The last of four programs to be shown from Britain’s Channel Four gay and lesbian newsmagazine will include segments on sexual politics under glasnost in the Soviet Union, the gay roots of punk, sex in Eastern Europe, Asian artist Alan Desouza, and New York novelist Sarah Schulman. (Chicago Filmmakers, 5:00)

CALL ME SISSY! A collection of film and video shorts from Germany selected by Jurgen Bruning, who will introduce the program: Mathias Muller’s The Memo Book (1989), Lisa Laquier’s Trash (1988), Michael Brynntrup’s Narcissus and Echo (1989), Bruning and Mark Goldstein’s What Is the Relationship Between Rosa von Praunheim and the Male Strippers in San Francisco?, Stefan Hayn’s Faggot Film (1989), and the collectively made Analstahl. (Chicago Filmmakers, 7:00)

NOCTURNE Not to be confused with Joy Chamberlain’s British film of the same title that showed last week during the festival, this is a U.S. drama by Mark Harris about a pianist in his 20s who is just coming out and the handsome student he becomes obsessed with. (Chicago Filmmakers, 9:00.)


MINORITY SQUARED: RACISM IN THE GAY COMMUNITY/HOMOPHOBIA IN MINORITY COMMUNITIES A program consisting of videotapes and a panel discussion. The videos: Mona Smith’s Honored by the Moon, about Native American lesbians and gays; Marlon Riggs’s Affirmations, about black gay men; Raul Ferrara-Balanquet and Enrique Novello Cascante’s Merida proscrita, a Mexican love story in sepia involving gender roles and class differences; and Richard Fung’s Asian Positive, about gay Asian men. (Rodde Center, 1:00)

WOMEN FROM DOWN UNDER One short film from New Zealand, Penny McDonald’s Life on Earth as I Know It (1989), and four from Australia: Viki Dun’s Red Label (1987), Opportunity Knocks (1988), and Can’t You Take a Joke? (1989), and Amanda Wallis’s Transportations. (Chicago Filmmakers, 3:00)

GAY SHORT VIDEOS Eight short videos, all from the U.S.: Mark Christopher’s Language of Boys, Richard Brenin’s Why I Masturbate, Raul Ferrera-Balanquet and Enrique Novello Cascante’s Merida proscrita, the collectively made Voguing: The Message (1989), Marlon Riggs’s Affirmations, Rick Delaup’s Clover Grill, Phillip B. Roth’s 25 Year Old Gay Man Loses His Virginity to a Woman, and John Canalli’s Alphabitland: The Backyard Tour, Featuring Wigstock ’89! (Chicago Filmmakers, 5:00)

VOICES FROM THE FRONT A new feature-length video by the Testing the Limits collective that deals with the self-empowerment of people with AIDS and AIDS-related diseases; music by Jimmy Sommerville and Michael Callen. On the same program, Carl Michael George’s DHPG Mon Amour (1989), a short about a day in the life of a man and his lover who takes DHPG to combat an infection associated with AIDS. (Chicago Filmmakers, 7:00)