Credit: Matt Sayles/Invision/AP

It’s basically impossible to imagine The Daily Show without Jon Stewart, which is probably part of the reason people have reacted so poorly to Trevor Noah becoming his successor. OK, that and the fact that he’s practically an unknown. And then there were his tweets—unfunny at best, offensive at worst—that were used as evidence of Noah being unqualified for the job. No one can fill Stewart’s shoes—and from the sound of it, Noah isn’t interested in trying. He’s said in interviews that he won’t spend as much time taking Fox News to task and that the humor will differ since he and Stewart come from such different backgrounds, Stewart a middle-aged New Jersey Jew, Noah a biracial millennial from South Africa. He also told Entertainment Weekly he’s been working on his impersonations of various accents. No, that doesn’t sound like a terribly promising prospect, but having Jon Stewart ripped from our lives is better than the show going away altogether. Let’s give the new guy a shot.

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