The Dana & Julia Show, at ImprovOlympic. Dana Goodman and Julia Wolov are infatuated with their own breasts. Over the course of this hour-long sketch-comedy show, they jiggle, squeeze, poke, prod, and grab each other’s chests at every possible juncture. In fact, if their boobies figured any more prominently, B-movie auteur Russ Meyer himself might be ashamed. Still, by the standards of Annoyance–a coproducer–The Dana & Julia Show is downright tame. Directors Mick Napier and Susan Messing are certainly no strangers to raw comedy, and Goodman and Wolov are too sophisticated as writers to let their breasts do all the talking.

With a slightly more subtle approach, the show might qualify as a truly tasteless exercise. But Goodman and Wolov carry the comedy to such absurd extremes it’s impossible not to be desensitized to their nonstop litany of crude insults and vulgarities. Napier and Messing move things along at a feverish pace, and Goodman and Wolov blow away the standard virgin/whore stereotypes with some surprisingly humane character work. An extended riff on a Jewish summer camp is so dead-on it could be used as an instructional video for counselors. Depraved, breast-grabbing counselors, maybe, but the bit is hilarious all the same.

–Nick Green