Dustin Senovic, 21, who sells shoes at City Soles by day, is a self-proclaimed dandy by night.

Liz Armstrong: You look very Oscar Wilde. Is that what you were going for?

Dustin Senovic: I guess you could say I pull some things from that period, but I wasn’t really going for a particular era.

LA: What’s that crucifix in your pocket?

DS: That I thrifted. I think it’s made out of antique spoons or forks.

LA: Aren’t you hot?

DS: Whenever I think of fashion I’m thinking ahead. This is something I’ll be wearing in the fall a lot. The pants are really lightweight, so they’re saving me right now.

LA: I remember seeing you last summer in riding boots and a turtleneck.

DS: I’m definitely into being warm.

LA: What do you think you dress like?

DS: I think it’s medieval. I like clothes that can be worn well by both women and men. I like to push limits and buttons.

LA: You’re really into androgyny.

DS: I love it. I kind of think there shouldn’t be any other form of fashion. You know the designer Andre Courreges? I love his philosophy on fashion, to free the body. The way I dress is the way I paint myself. Why should I buy baggy jeans and large oversize T-shirts, or whatever men are wearing these days?

LA: You go into women’s shops and buy women’s clothes?

DS: Occasionally. The majority of tight jeans in my closet are women’s jeans.

LA: What is a dandy to you?

DS: The societal idea of a dandy means dressed how I am, but to me it’s any sort of man who stretches the limits of fashion, society, and has integrity to his own style.

Art accompanying story in printed newspaper (not available in this archive): photo/Joeff Davis.