Its morbid title notwithstanding, this show by pH Productions can be pretty amiable. Even sweet. Prior to the performance, audience members fill out pink “death ballots” nominating someone–real or made-up–to die and have his or her life revisited improvisationally. Death himself picks the lucky Victim. Then the seven ensemble members act out moments like the Victim’s first declaration of love. On the night I attended, the Victim was a gentle schlub named “Frank Dumb,” Death took the form of a kindly old bus driver (“How do? I’m Death”), and the life was no more than normally egregious. Sure, when Frank proposed his beloved barfed, but she apologized. All in all, not a whole lot happened. Still, these days it’s a bold choice to have a character read to kids and turn out not to be a pedophile. A two-man curtain-raiser, And We’re Back, is skillful and funny. Through 2/24: Thu 11 PM. No show 2/10. Stage Left Theatre, 3408 N. Sheffield, 773-342-3575. $8.