Doyle & Debbie are a country-western duo in the grand ol’ tears ‘n’ trucks tradition. They were supposedly big in the backcountry once upon a time, and now Doyle has found himself a new Debbie—the third of that name—to help him make his “return to former glory.” The question is, how’d he get any glory in the first place, writing romantic ballads like “When You’re Screwin’ Other Women (Think of Me)” and uptempo romps like “I Ain’t No Homo (but Man You Sure Look Good to Me)”? If you think about it, the plausibility quotient here is mighty low. So don’t think about it. Just let yourself fall into the hilarious improbability of this combination parody and homage, set in a bar outside Nashville. Bruce Arntson and Jenny Littleton are nothing short of fabulous as the ill-matched pair—a half-crazed old trouper fending off 90-proof demons, and a sweet-voiced but foolish single mom getting the first inklings that this may be another in her series of poor choices. The show works partly because of its shameless wit, partly because Arntson and Littleton have their characters down cold, and partly because of their impressive C&W chops.