Neo-Futurists Sean Benjamin and Steve Mosqueda continue their examination/celebration of the hard-drinking writer archetype–equal parts romantic fancy, morbid fetish, and scholarly pursuit. Their original 2002 Drinking & Writing, a modest survey of legendary lit-scene lushes combined with first-person accounts of bouts with the bottle, has spawned sequels, a touring production, and a radio show. They’ve also spun off alco-literate events at watering holes from Rock Bottom Brewery to Jimmy’s Woodlawn Tap, including Festivus Veisalgia (named after a fancy Greco-Norse medical term for “hangover”), starting this weekend. As part of it, Benjamin and Mosqueda open Volume III of their stage show, subtitled “To Cure a Hangover,” at 7 PM Saturday at the Hopleaf Bar; the production then hops from bar to bar for the duration of the fest (through July 1). The “Pub Crawl to Cure a Hangover” happens on May 29, Memorial Day, beginning at 2 PM at the Fireside Inn and winding through a whole gauntlet of other Andersonville bars, where everyone’s invited to offer remedies “visual, artistic, or musical” (to participate you must register at And the second annual one-day “Write til You Puke” festival is Saturday, June 10, at the Hopleaf. Call 773-968-2345, visit the Web site, or see listing for details.