My biggest complaint about Second City is that ensemble members don’t stay around long enough. These days we’re lucky if an actor performs four shows in a row before being lured to LA or New York. This guarantees a steady parade of energetic, eager actors in their 20s and 30s. But it also contributes to a certain sameness in the scenes from one decade to another and robs Chicago audiences of the comic insights of actors who’ve had more life experiences than even a precocious thirtysomething. When was the last time a Second City sketch approached the dark, existential laughs fortysomething Second City alum Tim O’Malley gets in his painful but hilarious Godshow, a memoir about his drug and alcohol addiction? Fortunately in The Drury Lane Went South, or So They Loaded Up the Yucks and Moved to Beverly, seasoned Second City performers get back together, if only for an evening. This benefit for its south-side venue naturally features lots of former and current south-siders, among them O’Malley, George Wendt, Peter Burns, Megan Burns, Cindy Caponera, Jim Zulevic, Kevin Doyle, and Tami Sagher. Also performing are Tim Kazurinsky, David Pasquesi, Bruce Jarchow, and Mark Levinson. You know these comic heavyweights are going to have more to joke about than first dates and trendy restaurants. Beverly Arts Center of Chicago, 2407 W. 111th St., 773-445-3838. Saturday, May 15, 7:30 PM. $35.