What kind of burlesque show might appeal to a jaded generation raised on scantily clad video babes? Why, one that features . . . scantily clad video babes! The New Millennium Theatre Company’s late-night extravaganza pits old-timey bawdy dames (including Amanda Krupman as an adorable Kewpie-doll moll) against the babes with big hair (and other, er, assets) beloved by Motley Crue, Poison, and other staples of VH-1’s Behind the Music. It’s a great concept, but somehow it doesn’t quite jell. Directed by Leslie Kerrigan, who also wrote the script with assists from Chad Wise and Andy Grigg, the show’s both smart and sexy, but it’s never quite enough of either, and it’s seldom both at once. If the girls had sharper comedy chops, the decidedly sloppy dance numbers (performed to recorded metal music) wouldn’t feel so flat. Overall, this revue is way more polite than 21st-century burlesque should be. Through 4/2: Fri-Sat 11 PM. Boxer Rebellion Theater, 1257 W. Loyola, 773-989-4515. Then 4/8-4/23: Fri-Sat midnight. Frankie J’s MethaDome Theater, 4437 N. Broadway (second floor), 773-989-4515. $10-$15.