There should be a warning label–“not recommended for inexperienced actors”–on Nicky Silver’s nasty little comedy about a group of New York neurotics making themselves and everyone around them miserable. Silver’s dialogue has a sitcom glibness that makes it seem easy to deliver, but his wit is so mean-spirited that only the most adept performers can both get laughs and communicate the playwright’s acid-tinged critique of American society. Most of the young actors in the newly formed Kick in the Face Productions don’t seem comfortable enough onstage to mine the play’s depths–almost all of them deliver one- or two-note performances. Sienna Macedon is particularly stiff and inexpressive as a woman whose husband might be leaving her for a man. Only Nathan Stoner comes close to capturing his spiritually wounded character, and even he doesn’t come that close. Through 2/26: Thu-Sat 7:30 PM. Boxer Rebellion Theater, 1257 W. Loyola, 312-952-3852. $10.